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Colorado CAPS Check Unit

Welcome to the Colorado CAPS Check Unit website. This website explains how the CAPS Check process works and provides all the forms for registering as an employer and submitting CAPS Check requests for potential employees.



Guide to the CAPS Check process

The steps below show the process for registering with the CAPS Check Unit, creating a requestor account and submitting a CAPS Check request.

1. Submit an Employer Registration Form. Click here for details.

2. Receive a CAPS Check employer ID. View a sample email.

3. Set up a Requestor Account. Click here for details.

4. Complete an Employee Authorization Form. Download the form here.

5. Submit a CAPS Check request. Click here for submission and payment details.

6. Receive result(s).

About the CAPS Check system

The Colorado General Assembly created a law (§26-3.1-111 C.R.S.) requiring certain employers to conduct a check of the Colorado Adult Protective Services data system (CAPS) to determine whether a potential employee has been substantiated of mistreatment, neglect, or exploitation of an at-risk adult. Employers are required to request a CAPS Check prior to hiring a new direct-care employee. Read more about the CAPS Check statute and rules here.

Important things to remember

CAPS Check requests do not replace any other background checks that are currently required for your agency.

Your agency must be registered with the CAPS Check Unit prior to requesting CAPS Checks. Potential employees must complete and sign the Employee Written Authorization Form before their CAPS Check request is submitted.

Please use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your browser.

The CAPS Check Unit will return results within five business days.

CAPS Checks will not be performed on state-observed holidays.

It is illegal to request a CAPS Check on current or potential residents of a care facility.

*Due to COVID-19, effective March 17th, 2020, until further notice the CCU is working remotely.  Please use online options for requesting CAPS Checks during this time as we will have limited access to USPS mail service.  

Please note: Per the Colorado Code of Regulations, 12 CCR 2518-1, Volume 30.960.G, the fee for the CAPS Check may be adjusted with 30 days' notice, provided via this website.